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Ultimate Hoofcare Solutions is a family of products developed to minimize lameness in animals. Foot bathing is a critical part of a healthy hoof maintenance program.

Copper Advantage is based on a patented formula developed for the pharmaceutical industry. This safe acid formula controls pH allowing the antimicrobial effects of Copper and Zinc ions to kill bacteria and fungus associated with multiple hoof diseases.

Effective in managing hoof infestations in herds of cattle, sheep or goats, properly administered Copper Advantage used with Copper and/or Zinc sulphate(s) in a footbath provides a solution. Our Copper Advantage All-In-One provides a pre-mixed solution complete with Tea Tree Oil and active Copper and Zinc ions. This can be used in automated spray systems and is our most popular footbath solution for sheep and goats.

For individual animal applications, our DF Crosleys Prevent and Recovery products are safe and effective  in mitigating skin and hoof diseases in hogs, cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

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