Copper Advantage for managing the herd.

1. A safe low pH formula to completely dissolve copper and/or zinc sulfate making it effective and bio-available for 500 cow passes in a footbath. 1 gallon with 10 pounds of copper sulfate is effective in a 50 gallon footbath. After our 12 week application program, ongoing maintenance allows you to gradually reduce the copper to 5 pounds, 3 days per week.

2. The chemical basis of Ultimate Hoofcare Solutions™ line of products and the Spot Treat products.

Copper Advantage — All-In-One for managing the herd.

1. Usable in automated footbaths and spray systems as a stand-alone product.  Add additional copper and/or zinc sulfate in standard footbaths as needed. 

2. Maintains low pH to activate and chemically bond copper sulfate (proven to kill bacteria frequently associated with PDD), zinc sulfate (proven to toughen hooves and effective for Foot Rot) and Tea Tree Oil (proven to have antiseptic qualities). 

Spot Treat Spray and Spot Treat Paste for managing the individual cow.

1. Copper Advantage – All-In-One is the chemical basis.  The Spot Treat products are designed for focused and individual application directly on the infestation.

2. Spot Treat Paste—in a convenient squirt bottle, apply to exposed, cleaned and trimmed hoof.  The paste adheres to the wound and activates continually as the cow walks.  Use the Cowslipper as a wrap.

3. Spot Treat Spray—in a convenient spray bottle.  Apply directly to the wound or freshen the bulb of the Cowslipper without removing it.

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