Copper Advantage 9DS101

Product description: Copper Advantage contains a unique, buffered low pH solution to insure solubility produces a predictably higher sustainable concentration of hydrogen ions. These sustainable ions bond (chelate) the copper ion (Cu++) to keep it in suspension, preventing copper precipitation. Proven in field-trials on farms, Copper Advantage has shown to provide a consistently effective footbath and allows 500 cow passes per 50 gallon bath.

Benefits: Sustains active Copper ion levels.

Safe to use for both the operator and the environment. Copper Sulfate quickly disperses into solution.

Reduces Copper use by up to 80% and the residue left in the slurry.

Properties: Form: Liquid

Specific Gravity: 1.16

Color: Clear: Colorless

Odor: Faint

Solubility: Complete in Water

PH (Neat): <1.0

PH 1% in solution H2O: 2.0 - 3.0

Directions for use: Copper Advantage is used at 2% by volume. A typical dilution is 1:49 (1 gallon of Copper Advantage with 49 gallons of water). A 2% dilution allows a predictable level of Copper ion (Cu2+) to be active and sustained in solution. 5 10 pounds of copper sulphate is added to the footbath and allows 500 cow passes per 50 gallon bath.

Statement of use: Copper Advantage should be used as follows for best results:

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