Copper Advantage — All-In-One 9DS103

Product description:          Copper Advantage — All-In-One™ contains Copper Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate and Tea Tree Oil in a unique contains a unique, buffered low pH solution to insure solubility produces a predictably higher sustainable concentration of hydrogen ions. These sustainable ions bond (chelate) the Copper ion (Cu++) and Zinc ion (Zn++) to keep them in suspension, preventing precipitation. Copper Advantage — All-In-One was developed for use in automatic footbaths and spray systems where it is impractical to make up solutions prior to use.  It can also be used as a “Ready To Use” concentrate in standard footbaths.

Benefits:                                      Sustains active copper and zinc ion levels.

Safe to use for both the operator and the environment.

Reduces Copper use by up to 80% and the residue left in the slurry.

Additions of copper sulphate and/or zinc sulphate are controlled by the farmer.

Contains Tea Tree Oil, a known anti-septic.

Suitable for use in a wide range of automatic footbath and spray applications.

Properties:                                 Form:                                            Liquid

                                                 Specific Gravity:                           1.16 - 1.18

                                                 Color:                                            Clear Blue

                                                 Odor:                                             Faint

                                                 Solubility:                                      Complete in Water

                                                 PH (Neat):                                    <1.0

                                                 PH 1% in solution H2O:                 2.0 - 3.0

Directions for use:             Copper Advantage — All-In-One should be used at 2% by volume.  Additional copper and/or zinc sulphate can be added to the solution.

Statement of use:                Copper Advantage — All-In-One should be used as follows for best results:

Footbath twice daily, five days per week, for four weeks.

Followed by twice daily, three days per week, thereafter.

Delivering Measurable Results...