The CowSlipper 9DS110


Product description: The Cowslipper was developed by Germany-based Cowslipper Company.  The revolutionary and patented design makes the product easy and cost effective to use as part of a healing process for hoof disease and injury. 

The Cowslipper is a durable bandage with spongy filling and is placed between the claws and fastened by Velcro.

The narrow part of the Cow Slipper is placed between claws and the broader part against the bulb of the heel.


Benefits:                       Is easy to use and fit to the hoof using adjustable Velcro straps.  It takes 60 seconds to place the Cowslipper on a hoof.

                                   The natural movement of the claws during walking will push the spray/paste solution to the bulb of the heel in direct contact with the infestation.

                                   The solution is easily refreshed with Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ at milkings without removing the slipper.

                                   Cost effective at about $10 for the 2 - 5 day healing process (including chemistry).  It is washable and reusable.

                                   A Cowslipper can be left on the affected hoof for up to 5 days to insure protection and healing.  It is adjustable and can be managed easily during the daily milkings.


Directions for use: First, apply, Ultimate Spot Treat Paste™ to the infested area of a trimmed hoof.  Next, prepare the Cowslipper by adjusting the Velcro straps to make loops.  Slide the Cowslipper between the claws with the loops on the outside of the hoof.  Place the broad part of the Cowslipper on the infested area.  Adjust the Velcro straps to secure the Cowslipper in place.  Do not over compress the hoof.  The Cowslipper’s design, directs the solution to the infested area as well as protecting the wound.  Monitor healing and apply Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ for 2- 5 days.

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