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Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses

Opportunistic Bad Guys!

The vast majority of hoof infestations in animals is caused by or in some cases, exacerbated by, various forms of bacteria, fungus or virus. Our products focus on eradication of many strains of bacteria and fungus often times associated with hoof conditions in multiple species of animals. These conditions can ultimately lead to lameness.

Animals deal with bacterial and fungal presence simply because many forms exist in their day to day environment. A key to healthy hoof care is avoiding conditions where bacteria and fungus can grow. Proper path maintenance and manure management are but a couple of the factors that contribute to overall hoof health.

One of the most prevalent forms of bacteria found in hoof infestations across multiple species is the bacteria nechrophorm. Two subspecies, F. necrophorum (biotype A) and a subspecies unduliforme (biotype B), have been recognized. This particular bacterial strain exists in the digestive tract of most barn yard animals and also in the soil. Our Spot Treat products have been used on cattle, sheep, goats and horses where this bacterial strain is present. With proper use and frequency, results show effective reduction or elimination of the many of the infestations.

Our products are designed to provide a better environment for tissue to heal. By eliminating bacteria and fungus on the wound, the tissue is able to more effectively heal itself.

Our products have often been used to effectively manage or eliminate many hoof ailments. Click on the icons and learn about the disease affecting your animals.