Ultimate Spot Treat Spray 9DS104

Product description:  Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ combines Tea Tree Oil with Copper Sulphate and Zinc Sulphate in a unique formula.  Using a buffered low pH solution to insure solubility, sustainable ions bond (chelate) with the Copper ion (Cu++) and Zinc ion (Zn++) to keep them chemically active in solution, preventing Copper/Zinc dropout and precipitation. Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ was developed for direct application to the infested area.

Benefits:                       Sustains active Copper and Zinc ion levels.

                                   Utilizes the antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree Oil.

                                   Safe to use for both the operator and the environment.

                                   Convenient trigger bottle, ideal for applying to individual hoofs and allows for penetration direct to the infested area. 32 Fluid ounces w/sprayer.  Easy to direct the spray on infested area without removing The Cowslipper.

Properties:                       Form:                                Liquid

                                   Specific Gravity:              1.16

                                   Color:                                Clear Blue

                                   Odor:                                Faint

                                   Solubility:                         Complete in Water

                                   PH (Neat):                        <3.0

Directions for use:    Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ is directly applied to the infestation.  The hoof should be cleaned and trimmed prior to application then the spray should be directed on to the infested area.

Statement of use:      Ultimate Spot Treat Spray™ should be applied on a daily basis for 2 – 5 days.  This product should be used with Ultimate Spot Treat Paste™ and The Cowslipper for best results.

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