Delivering Measurable Results...

The amount of copper available is directly related to the pH level of the footbath:

85% available WITH Copper Advantage  24% available WITHOUT Copper Advantage


1. Reduces the amount of copper sulfate added to a 50 gallon footbath by up to 80% by lowering the ph of a footbath from 5.5—6.0 (the ph of copper sulfate in water) to a ph of 2.0 with a buffered safe acid. This makes 1 gallon of Copper Advantage with only 10 pounds of copper sulfate, effective twice as long at killing bacteria in a 50 gallon footbath as 25 pounds of copper sulfate alone in 50 gallons of water. This allows 1 footbath application to foot bathe up to 500 cows.

2. Reduces the amount of copper sulfate by 80%, lowering the overall materials cost.

3. Reduces footbath maintenance by doubling the effective cow passes through the footbath in a single footbath application.

4. Reduces the amount of residual copper left in the slurry easing disposal, reducing environmental impact and making materials handling safer for the employees.

makes less copper more effective!